Colorado Goes Smoke Free

Colorado is now the second state to go smoke free! On March 28, 2019 Colorado passed bill HB-1041 mandating that all healthcare facilities implement a smoke free program by 1/1/2021. read more

Nurse brings smoke evacuation program to Dosher

Kim York has made changes at nearly every place she has worked, and Dosher Memorial Hospital is no exception. York, an operating room nurse and the director of surgical services, took on the difficult task last year of creating a program to eradicate harmful surgical smoke from the operating rooms at Dosher. read more

Taking Their Last Breath

You can see it and smell it, it can make your eyes sting and your throat sore, yet surgical smoke hangs thick in the air of countless ORs across the country, a health hazard that's harder to get rid of than a pushy salesman. read more

Surgical Smoke Nearly Killed Me

You wouldn't want your surgeons to sit in the OR and smoke a pack-and-a-half of cigarettes while operating on their patients, but many are doing nearly the equivalent by creating surgical smoke and refusing to evacuate it. read more

OR Nurses share their perception of surgical smoke dangers

Despite the risks associated with surgical smoke, evacuation devices have yet to be implemented in most operating rooms. A survey conducted by Stryker Instruments sought to quantify the level of OR nursing knowledge regarding surgical smoke exposure and the barriers around smoke evacuation system use. read more

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