Neptune® SafeAir

The perfect fusion of precision and protection

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'I literally could not breathe,' Dr. Tony Hedley

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SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil vs Standard Pencil

Safety and precision in less than half an ounce

SafeAir Pencil

SafeAir Telescopic Pencil

Safeair Compact

70mm blade, coated or uncoated based on surgeon preference
Transparent, x-ray detectable suction sleeve provides “on-tip” smoke evacuation
Push button or rocker switch cut and coag functions with visual and tactile cues
Ribbing and knurling to optimize grip and comfort
Lightweight, natural feel. Weighs 14 grams
Lightweight, pre-stretched tubing
SafeAir Pen vertical
Electrode and suction sleeve telescope simultaneously
Suction sleeve adjusts forward or backward, and encircles electrode for smoke capture at any angle
Shaft telescopes up to 4.75” for a smoke inlet reach of 5”
Locking ring secures telescopic shaft
Push button and rocker switch option
Fully integrated suction/power cord is light and pre-stretched for ease of motion and tangle -free cord management
SafeAir Telescopic Pen
Auto-activation via integrated sensor that detects pencil current
ULPA filtration in accordance with AORN guidelines
Lighted indicator visibly tracks filter life; shows when change is needed
Proprietary vacuum design ensures instant “on-tip” suction at the power level set
Multiple activation modes: automatic, permanent and footswitch
Adjustable time delay to ensure maximum smoke evacuation
Safeair Unit

Protective in nature
comfortable by design


  • Preserves surgeon’s natural technique via lightweight, ergonomic dimensions
  • Eliminates need for nurse with smoke tube, freeing up space at the table and hands to assist
  • Helps maintain a clear operative site


  • Integrates with existing monopolar electrosurgical generators and smoke evacuation systems (22mm inlet) like that in the Neptune 3 Waste Management System
  • 2-in-1 clinical solution for seamless budget approval
  • Helps fulfill guidelines and recommendations of governmental safety and clinical quality groups scrutinizing surgical smoke hazards (e.g., AORN, Joint Commission, OSHA, NIOSH/CDC, ECRI, ANSI) 5-9


  • Helps reduce exposure to smoke-related biohazards 10
  • Helps prevent potential absenteeism or workers’ comp issues that have been linked to smoke exposure 11
Device 4 Height Width Length Weight Weight
Top to bottom just in front of "cut" button Side to side Tip of needle to end of pencil Without tubing or wire Without tubing or wire
Neptune SafeAir 0.488 in 0.488 in 7.50 in 14 gm 0.49 oz
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of particles within surgical smoke are less than 1.1 micron in size, easily deposited in the alveoli and circulated throughout the body1-2


Waste Management System

  • Reduces staff and family exposure to biohazardous fluid and smoke
  • Digital fluid measurement and display enables quick decisions
  • “Volume reset” button helps gauge accurate fluid loss from case to case
  • Constantly closed system reduces exposure during cases, manifold changes, docking and transport
  • Three layers of protection at manifold site with patented SealShut Technology
  • Five different safety alerts for high suction
  • Integrated smoke evacuator using ULPA filtration helps fulfill third-party recommendations on surgical smoke (e.g., AORN, OSHA, NIOSH/CDC, ECRI and The Joint Commission)
  • New/used manifold indicator helps prevent accidental re-use and unnecessary waste
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