How to go
smoke free

To go smoke free, you'll need three things: support, education, and the right tools.

Stryker has all three, and we can be your partner along this journey of making your OR a safer place


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Support from your Stryker Representative

Your Stryker Sales Representative has the ability to be a facility coordinator, provide CE credits, and be your partner along the journey of making your OR a safer place.


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Continuing your education with Stryker’s Learn Program

Through Stryker’s Learn Program, we offer access to industry resources designed to enhance the understanding and application of medical technologies among O.R. staff. With programs based on extensive research findings and practical industry knowledge, we are dedicated to empowering and advancing healthcare professionals at every stage of their career.

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Our History

Established in 2014, Stryker’s Learn Program was originally launched at the AORN Conference and Expo in Chicago in conjunction with AORN as a $500,000 grant. Through this grant the AORN Foundation was able to award 180 scholarships to nurses to advance their professional development. The grants awarded to each applicant covered the cost of the conference registration and travel expenses, in addition to a one-year AORN membership. Since then, this program has invested more than $1.25 million in scholarships. We are proud to say the Learn Program has evolved into one of the most comprehensive O.R. medical education programs.

Today, we have the pleasure of offering a variety of educational seminars and training programs, which combine extensive research findings and industry knowledge with practical applications to enhance your understanding of medical technologies, procedures, and solutions in the O.R. These sessions are designed to provide updates about clinical decision making to further enable nurses to optimally work alongside the surgeon, anticipate patient needs, and follow through with appropriate care.

Our impact

Over 1.25 million in scholarships
496 grant recipients
5,600+ AORN booth education participants in the past 5 years
11,200+ CE credits issued from AORN education in the past 5 years

Stryker has three different continuing education courses on smoke evac, for a total of six possible CEU’s

Classroom Courses

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Stryker has a comprehensive smoke evacuation portfolio with multiple best-in-class products for both open and laparoscopic procedures


The clear choice
in insufflation

Pneumoclear console with smoke evacuation tube

Designed to protect patients and staff from surgical smoke while improving workflow at the same time.

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Neptune® SafeAir

The perfect fusion of
precision and protection

Safeair console with smoke evacuation pencil and telescopic smoke evacuation pencil

Protective in nature
Comfortable by design

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