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77 %

Up to 77% of the particles in surgical smoke are not adequately filtered out by standard surgical masks.1

During COVID19, smoke evacuation is more important than ever: Surgical smoke can contain viruses and bacteria, ACS and AORN recommend using a smoke evacuator when electrocautery is used.9,10

The numbers don’t lie.

Risks include chronic bronchitis, carcinoma, leukemia, cardiovascular disfunction and more.2




One day in the OR can have the same impact as smoking up to 27 cigarettes 3



EPA priority

pollutants found in surgical smoke 4



of nurses feel

more comfortable working in the OR with a smoke evacuation device in use 5




found in surgical smoke 5



healthcare workers

each year are exposed to electrosurgical smoke 2




On average, integrated smoke evacuation is perceived to save 18 minutes per lap 6


of nurses believe that integrating smoke evacuation into their insufflation tubing would give them more time to focus on patient needs. 7

The Julie Greenhalgh Story video preview

The Julie Greenhalgh Story

When OR nurse Julie Greenhalgh learned about the dangers of surgical smoke, she decided to do something about it.

Neptune 3 Waste Management System

The only constantly closed
Waste Management System

Could You Be Smoking In Your OR preview

Could You Be Smoking In Your OR?

Neptune has been helping to prevent healthcare provider exposure to:
infectious fluid, aerosol, and surgical smoke waste for two decades.

Neptune 3 Waste Management System


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to simplify safety in the OR

Hazards of Surgical Smoke preview

Hazards of Surgical Smoke

Designed to protect patients and staff from surgical smoke while improving workflow at the same time. 8

pneumoclear 2
Surgical smoke production is a fact of life that has been overlooked by many of us in the surgical profession. What’s in that smoke and the ramifications of it on our and our team’s health cannot be overstated, especially in these uncertain times. I am comforted to know that there are filtration devices available that may help, at the very least, to mitigate these unnerving questions.
— Dr. Mark Soliman Colorectal surgeon, Orlando, FL

Neptune® SafeAir

The perfect fusion of precision and protection

I Literally Could Not Breathe video preview

'I literally could not breathe,' Dr. Tony Hedley

SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil vs Standard Pencil video preview

SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil vs Standard Pencil

neptune SafeAir

Protective in nature
Comfortable by design

Ergonomically, it’s a winner!
— Orthopedic surgeon and participant in simulated surgical lab

Eikon LT Adapt SE

Adjustable illumination low profile smoke evacuation

Eikon LT Adapt SE

For optimal precision
and protection

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